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Business to Business (B2B)


B2B Copywriting is all about Business Relationships.

It is marketing your Product to another business for the production or service of goods. It is also marketing your Business service to another business or organisation.

So, does your product need to persuade? or does it need to be more direct?.. It doesn’t matter because I can write all tones.

Is the business service you offer not being heard? or is the service your Business offers shouting out too loud?....It doesn’t matter because I can manage all volumes. 

I can deliver the short and long version of your Business Message and Branding.

I know Business and I talk Business, so let’s start a


Business to Consumer (B2C)


B2C Copywriting is all about standing out.

It is marketing your Business Product or Service so that it stands out to the right audience, your Business consumer.

Consumers are not silly and are good at picking up on hype. It is important your Business Service or Product be written clearly and match your brand message. 

There is no room for ambiguity. Your message should speak the right language and be delivered with the right tone and volume, so that your consumers will notice.

Do you want your Business Product or Service to the get right attention?...then let me spread the word.

Do you know who your consumer is? or are you still deciding?...either way I am listening.

Your consumer is waiting, so let’s start a conversation!

Blog Posts

Blog Posts are great PR.

They are the storytelling pages of your Business, allowing everyone a chance to step into your life or observe from a distance. 

A great blog post will connect with an audience because it evokes curiosity or relatability.

And of course either reason is welcomed!

In business, blog posts are a great opportunity to broaden the scope of your message. A place where you can write your Business story or promote your Business in a story-like way.

Want Blog Posts written for you?...I can do that;

Hire me for either:

- a one and only blog post (or more..)

- a set of blog posts scheduled for a weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi annual, or annual basis.

- for blog post revision, where I can edit the blog page you have written or consult you on how to revise your existing blog post to suit a broader market or narrow it to a niche market....or

I can edit a blog page you have drafted. I can give it business and personal appeal or grammatical encouragement.

Whatever your preference, let's start a conversation!

Business Biography


It's all about you!

Too humble to self-promote, no problem I am good at leaving humility at the door.

Why?  because PR is important to getting your Business noticed. 

So, if you are after a Bio. page for your website, or any web content that could do with some PR know how, again no problem.

Do you know where you stand?... great I love to give you my full attention.

Are you too shy to speak?.. it doesn't matter because I can ask you the right questions.

Biography in business is all about you or the business group at large...
Where Business is Personal.

Want others to know all about you?

then, let’s start a conversation!

Direct-Response Copy

It is all about Persuasion.

Do you know all the advertising you receive in your mail box, which call for you to respond within a certain time frame to receive a discount or something extra with your purchase?

Do you know those 'once and only deals' that tell you to buy right now! or the deal or offer will no longer be valid, well that is Direct-Response Copy?

A call to action!

My call to action!...Hire me to write your Direct-Response Copy NOW!

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Phrases that catch on!

A tagline should give a clear message of what your Business embodies and should align the right business message with your business brand.

So, getting the right message across in only one or two lines or just two or three words matters. But, don’t worry, you will instinctively know a great tagline when you see and hear it.

How?...because you are hooked!

A great tagline grabs attention either by shouting out loud or quietly whispering. Either way it must leave a lasting impression.

Want to impress? then, let’s start a conversation!


Business Walk...



So, I talked the talk, but can I walk the walk too?... 

Yes! because as a Business person myself I have walked in your shoes.

I have worked as corporate professional in multi-national companies. I completed an apprenticeship and worked as a Tradesperson. I have been Proprietor and Partner of a Business and I continue to volunteer as a Committee Member and Executive Secretary.

So, as a writer with 22 years Professional experience I understand the importance of great customer service, the importance of building up a clientele. I know how leading a team is to lead by example and how fulfilling it can be to give back to the community. 

I understand the importance of having your Business message heard, having your story told and promoting your product and brand.

It does not matter if your Business is brick or mortar or click to order, physical or digital, book smart or street smart, what matters is that it is Business and Business is what I Listen to!

I look forward to our conversation...Let's Communicate!